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CDI ECU Honda XL600V XRV650 Transalp

A common problem of the XRV RD03 is the damage of the CDIs. What happens is that the seat rests on the connection terminals which eventually desoldered but it can be fixed.

To repair it you have to chop off the edge of the black plastic over the plugs re-soldering the pins.




Beware in cutting of the plastic box, because if you cut too deep (red point) may be disclosed to the electronic components.

In this picture are also shown with black circles the points to be soldered.


Put back the cut piece insulated and it's ready.

To protect the connections the CDI case must be cut so that the boxes can go down.

Another solution is to fit the a Transalp CDI case as shown in the picture below.



In additional, a XRV750 mod. 1990-1995 CDI can be used. It is a newer and better construction and also has a slightly different ignition timing with advance 28 degress BTDC(XRV650 has 30 at 4.500 revs) which gives a quicker revs increase.










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