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A fuel pump failure is quite common among Africa Twins. For unknown reasons XRV 750s are more prone to this failure than the 650s. In any case, the causes, the results and the ways of handling the problem are the same, regardless if the problem concerns the 750 or the 650. Below, we present some solutions for this problem.


Thomas Hedlund, from Sweden, gives a very good presentation to this problem and the solutions, in a PDF form (here). Congratulations for this work.


Regarding the original fuel pump, there is another solution suggested by a member of www.xrv.org.uk . For more: http://www.xrv.org.uk/forums/africa-twin/44700-fuel-pump-recap.html

In any case, is recommended to mount a power relay to the electrical circuit, in front of the pump, due to the fact that the tension of electric current is responsible for the wear of the contacts. The other factor is refueling before the reserve is activated.

We don’t have anything to add to the aforementioned, but only to suggest some solutions for those who wouldn’t like to “modify” their bikes.


  • You can change the part of the pump which is the most prone to wear. These are the contact surfaces of the switch.



  • You can use electric fuel pumps of other brands, like the aircraft type Facet mod.40105.



or Pierburg mod. No 7.21440.51.0:


For more information click here.


or the car type Kyosan (ΗΚΤ) HEP-02


Denso Fuel Pump


Finally for those who dislike dealing with wiring diagrams, power relays, electric contacts, etc, there is the Mikuni vacuum pump(our choise):



At www.africanqueens.de you can find the Mikuni pump, as a whole set, including hoses and mounting base, especially for the XRV 650.







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