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     We are a group of friends, having as a common perception - established from our personal experiences - the fact that riding on a motorcycle, gives a sense of freedom besides the enjoyment. By using the capabilities of the Internet communication, we decided to offer the knowledge of our records and to share experiences, with the owners of the motorcycle which has provided a new perspective in the field of the “on-off” and created a new motorcycle category - the Honda Africa Twin XRV 650. This bike is the ancestor of the today’s huge in dimensions and cubism “on-off”-motorcycles and in this light it belongs to the pantheon of the classic motorcycles.

     The unlimited potential of the Web, made possible cooperation among the members of our group, even though our place of residence is different.

     Our mother tongue is Greek, but English was chosen as the common language of understanding, for obvious reasons. Wherever is possible the information is offered in other languages.   

     In Conclusion, we would like to thank everyone - in Greece and abroad - who has helped and continues to support the effort to materialize an idea, which started having the passion for motorbikes as the only sponsor.


...and our bikes.

XRV650 1988

A renovated Africa Twin XRV650 RD03 mod. 1988.


XRV650 P-D Marathon replica

An Africa Twin XRV650 RD03 P-D Marathon Replica.



An Africa Twin XRV650 RD03 mod.1989.



An Africa Twin XRV700 RD03 WP Powered by Wiseco.



And the newest member. The "Black" one.









Our moments with XRV
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